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Parallax Motion

I’ve used parallax effects before in games and the web. For this project, I wanted to show how dynamic experiences don't need to forfeit quality. I commissioned a digital painter to author an original piece, broken into the layers and applied parallax math to bring the piece to life.

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The painter

Maruša Gorjup is a freelance and concept artist from Slovenia. I found her work searching for Studio Ghibli inspired works.

Her work stood out and her insight was a source of inspiration. Our process was clear and simple, and we worked well together.

Maruša Gorjup

The process

We collaborated throughout the process, working through color choice, readability, and technical concerns.

Back and forth

I gave specific details on the project needs and technical hurdles, but otherwise she led with her inspiration.

  • Vibrant blues and greens.
  • Clear on 4k screens.
  • Extra wide 3:1 aspect ratio, to allow for the parallax shifting.

These first sketches were exciting enough, but she did an incredible job on every layer of detail.

After some adjustments, I took the layers and connected the math to create the final piece. Although, it took several iterations to get quality performance.

Light & Dark mode

After completing the day scene, I realized a night scene would work great as a Dark Mode option. We worked together on another commission to repaint the scene with darker tones.

I’m still experimenting with transitioning between the two scenes smoothly.